People tend to worry too much about what they are going to wear to a Professional headshot photo session. It’s best to keep it simple when choosing clothes. Don’t let yourself get too consumed by it. This is about selling you, not so much about what you are wearing.


Bring several pressed or steamed solid or neutral colored tops with varied neck lines. Examples: sweaters, t-shirts, collared, button down, sport coat, suit jacket. You don’t have to bring everything on the list, just the items you have or want to buy. Avoid small patterns, small checks, and small plaids. Please avoid wearing a white shirt. Instead, if you must wear white please wear off white if possible.


Same as above. Avoid overly textured or patterned fabrics. For fitting wear works best and is more flattering. For a more casual shoot, solid colored camisoles, and neck work very well. Layers are also great.


  • Medium to dark colors-avoid pastels or light colors
  • When wearing a medium to dark colored suit the shirt or blouse may be a light color
  • Stick to solids - avoid pinstripes and prints
  • Avoid bright colors such as red and orange
  • Short Sleeve not recommended for Business Headshots
  • Jewelry should be conservative
  • A conservative business suit in a dark to medium color recommended for Corporate Headshots


For my female clients I strongly encourage booking our Make Up artist & Hair Stylist. She is an expert at applying make up using products that are better suited and much more flattering for studio lighting. If you choose to apply your own makeup,I recommend a natural look with nothing heavy around the eyes (eye shadows, eyeliners). Be sure to groom your eyebrows at least seven days before your scheduled session. Be conservative with your mascara application.  If you choose to schedule our Make Up Artist, please arrive to the studio with a clean face. Please bring any specific colors and products you love with you, the makeup artist will be happy to use them.


Again, our Hair stylist is is an expert and will help you feel your best in front of the camera. If you choose not to use our hairstylist, you should come to the studio with your hair looking as you would on a good hair day.  


I do not typically recommend use of make up on my male clients. A little bit of clear lip balm to prevent chapped dry lips is usually enough. If you are prone to oily or shiny skin and a small package of blotting paper on hand is always helpful. We do have invisible powder on available on set if needed. If you would like a clean shaven look, Bring your shaving kit with you.